Check out my portfolio site. Inspired by nature and captured with a camera

Animals in their Element

Learning the ropes from the captain

Captured in Low Light

High speed capture in low light

Flowers are Beautiful

Flowers are beautiful that is why we compliment beauty with beauty


Perfect Beach

Feet in the sand and wind in the face

Sails are up and the weather is lovely this is Devanport

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Beautiful Napier

Located on the eastern side of the North Island of New Zealand, Napier is a beautiful little town worth a visit. The art decor of this town is amazing and is a photographers dream. My camera was working hard with all the inspiration that was around.

Part of the Hawkes Bay region this town was rebuilt in 1931 after a major earthquake. Fun fact Hawkes Bay is majorly a wine country show casing some of the finest wine in the country.

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New age Art

We live in a more connected world. We share ideas, mood and love. The image that becomes you phones background. Technology has brought a whole new level to photography and photographer. We sell it on line, we share it online. Digital images can be enhanced or modified all together.

What stays the same is the basics of photography and understanding light and subject. Take this journey with me. please subscribe.